QLD Boating, Fishing, Camtas Marine Safety Chart - CLEVELAND to MOOLOOLABA, Moreton Bay / MC530
QLD Boating, Fishing, Camtas Marine Safety Chart - CLEVELAND to MOOLOOLABA, Moreton Bay / MC530
QLD Boating, Fishing, Camtas Marine Safety Chart - CLEVELAND to MOOLOOLABA, Moreton Bay / MC530

QLD Boating, Fishing, Camtas Marine Safety Chart - CLEVELAND to MOOLOOLABA, Moreton Bay / MC530

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Boating, Fishing, Marine Safety Chart - Camtas publication MC530 

BONUS WALL CHART - Coastal Fish and Animals of Australia reverse side

Size 61 x 88 cm


  • Water contours are shades of blue becoming progressively darker as depth increases
  • Land contours become progressively darker as height increases
  • Natural features, reefs,mangroves, sand types, mud, salt pans and others features are visually realistically depicted
  • Grid reference system simplifies identifying positions for boating, fishing and rescue services
  • Marine Emergency Search and Rescue contact details for Police and Volunteer Rescue Services phone numbers including radio frequencies monitored are easily located on the chart
  • Navigation symbols are clearly explained on the chart without the need for supplementary handbook
  • Known information such as names, heights, depths, seabed, GPS marks, obstructions and navigational tracks included
  • Satellite positions derived from the WGS1984 datum can be plotted directly onto this chart
  • No fishing Zones, officially declared Smooth, Partially smooth, Open waters zones clearly indicated
  • Lesser known information such as local knowledge of fishing and diving locations, local common names and information from latest satellite images are included at time of publication
  • An affordable chart and perfect gift or reference guide both at home or on holidays


Camtas management has a wealth of knowledge, spanning over 65 years of combined personal experiences, Royal Australian Navy, yachting, amateur and professional fishing, deep sea and reef scuba diving, underwater photography, ichthyology, marine aquariums, marine rescue and cartography. 

Camtas Marine Safety Chart was first published in year 1973 for a local Marine Search & Rescue Group who sought help to create a user friendly grid type search and rescue chart for their local area. New publications have followed due its instant success and numerous requests from similar groups and public. 

Marine chart contains easily identified places of interest:

MORETON ISLAND, MOOLOOLABA, CORAL SEA, Murphys Northern Reef, Wide Caloundra  Reef, Twelve Mile Reef, Murphys Southern Reef, Point Cartwright, BUDDINA, MINYAMA, WARANA, BOKARINA, WURTULLA, Mooloolah River,Ten Fathom Reef, Currumundi Northern Reef, Currumundi Reef, Raper Shoal, CURRIMUNDI, Currimundi Creek, CALOUNDRA, Tooway Creek,  Moffat Head, Hamilton Patches, Northern Reef, Wide Caloundra, North-West Reef, Wide Caloundra,  South-West Reef, Wide Caloundra, South-East Reef, Hamilton Patches, Southern Reef, Hamilton Patches, NW Fairway, CaloundraReefs, Caloundra Head, Bray Rock, GOLDEN BEACH, Bells Creek, PELICAN WATERS, SKIRMISH  PASSAGE, THE SKIDS, Hussey Creek, Long Island, TRIPCONY BIGHT, Wild Banks Artificial Reef, Wide Caloundra, South Reef, North Moreton Trench, ROY’S, Hutchison Shoal, BRIBIE ISLAND, PUMICESTONE PASSAGE, Thooloora Is, Mission Point, Poverty Point, Little Goat Island, DONNYBROOK, Bullock Creek, Wild Banks, Elimbah Creek, WHITEPATCH, NORTH WEST CHANNEL, Spitfire Banks, East Bank, NORTH EAST CHANNEL, HOWE or NORTH CHANNEL, Hixon   Banks, North Moreton Artificial Reef, Flinders Reef, Crusader 11, Marietta Dal, Smiths Rock, SS St Paul, Aarhus, Venus Banks, OUTER FREEMAN CHANNEL, Brennan Shoal, Cape Moreton, North Point, Jabiru Lake, Yellow Patch, Heath Island, Five Hills, Brayden Beach, KIANGA CHANNEL, INNER FREEMAN CHANNEL, Cape Cliff, Bulldog, BANKSIA BEACH, TOORBUL, Ningi Creek, PACIFIC HARBOUR, BELLARA, WOORIM, BONGAREE, Skirmish Point, Western Banks, NINGI, Spinnaker Sound Marina, Goodwin Beach, Toorbul Point,  Sandstone Point, South Point, Gilligans Island, BEACHMERE, MAIN CHANNEL, , Diagram  Hill, Hutchison Peak, Curtin Artificial Reef, North Spit, Yule  Bank, BulwerWrecks, BULWER, YULE ROAD, DECEPTION BAY, PEARL CHANNEL, Central Banks,  South West Spit, Castlereagh Point (Reef Point), KIPPA RING, DECEPTION BAY, NEWPORT WATERWAYS, DOHLES ROCKS, SCARBOROUGH, Scarborough Point, REDCLIFFE, Drury Point, River Wreck Reef, MAIN CHANNEL, Sholl Bank, Peter Dann Beacon, Middle Bank, Osborne Point,  Four Fathom Bank, Paddock Reef, Captain Neilson Reef,  Lucinda Bay, EAST CHANNEL,  Ridge Shoal, TANGALOOMA, Cone Hill, Henderson Rock,  The Desert, Ship Patch, Square Patch, Tangalooma Point, Tangalooma Tourist Resort, Mount Tempest, Deep Tempest Reef, South-East Rock Reef, South Tempest Reef, Warrajamba Beach, Sea Mist 1, Spitfire Beach, COWAN COWAN, False Patch, Cowan Ledge, Round Hill, Cowan Cowan Point, Melanie, Blue Lagoon, Eagers Swamp, Brisbane Road, ENTRANCE   CHANNEL, Four Beacons,  Dring Bank, Redcliffe Point, Margate Beach, MARGATE, CLONTARF, Scotts Point, Clontarf Beach, Clontarf Point, Woody Point, Ted Smout Bridge, Houghton Highway, Shallow Tempest Reef, Crerubs Cave, Round Patch Reef, Eighty Metre Pinnacle Reef, Gulf Stream, Eager Beach, Sharon K, Jason Beach, Gonzales Beach, Pinnacle Reef, Square Patch Reef, CORAL SEA, Conjevoi Beach, Northern Twenty-nines Reef, Toompani Beach, Sandy Peak, Gravel Patch Reef, Sovereign Beach, Big Sandhills, Little Sandhills, Frasers Gutter, The Blue Hole, The Divide, E. Crouch Beacon, Jeays Reef Buoy, Jeays Reef , OtterRock, BRAMBLE BAY, Pine River, BRIGHTON, Bald Hills Crk, SANDGATE, SHORNCLIFFE, Cabbage Tree Creek, Nundah Creek, Cabbage Tree Head, NUDGEE BEACH, Kedron Brook Floodway, BRISBANE RIVER, West Banks, Juno Point, Mud  Island, CoonungaiBank, BRISBANE AIRPORT, FISHERMAN ISLAND, Luggage Point, Fisherman Island Wharves, FishermansGutter,  Boolong Bank, St Helena Island, Moreton Banks, Hendersons Gutter, LYTTON, WYNNUM, Whyte  Island, Boat Passage, Oyster Point, Wynnum Creek, Darling Point, WATERLOO BAY, LOTA, MANLY, Gateway Bridge, THORNSIDE, ORMISTON, AQUATIC PARADISE, WELLINGTON POINT, A S Huybers     Beacon, King  Island, Darcy Beacon, Green Island, Mooroondu Point, Thorpe Memorial Beacon, Hope Banks, Empire Point, CLEVELAND, West Peel Artificial Reef, Cleveland Point, RABY BAY, Lazaret Gutter, South West Rocks,  Horseshoe Bay, Peel Island, Goat Island, The Corner, Chain Banks, ROUS CHANNEL, Maroom Bank, SOUTH PASSAGE,  Browns Gutter, Clohertys Peninsula, DUNWICH, Days Gutter, KOORINGAL, Reeders Point, Deanbilla Bay, One Mile, Platypus, Douglas Beacon, Bird Island, Polka Point, Hanlon Light, The Bluff, Hospital Point, Naval Reserve Bank, NORTH STRADBROKE ISLAND, Warragamba Bank, Dialba Passage, Coolooloo Passage, Wanga Wallen Bank, MYORA, Norman, RAINBOW CHANNEL, Maroom Hole, Palmer Passage, Mount Hargrave, Pearlies Reef, Thirty-five Fathom Reef, The Sevens  Reef, The One Mile Reef, Flat Rock, Rufus King, AMITY, Wire Patch Reef, Whale Rock, Outer Reef, Wide Ground Reef, CylinderBeach, Shag Rock, Flinders Beach, Rocky Point, Adder Rock, Home Beach, MainBeach, POINT LOOKOUT, Dune Rocks, Whale Rock, Point Lookout, Deadmans Beach, Boat Rock, Frenchmans Bay, Whale Rock Inner Reef, Blue Lake  Beach, Brown Lake, The Cathedrals or Drilling Track Reef, South Lookout Reef  

BONUS WALL CHART - Coastal Fish and Animals of Australia reverse side

High quality Illustrations, including common names, scientific names and growth sizes.

Species included: Whale Shark, Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin, Humpback Whale, Orca (Killer Whale, Moonfish, Great Hammerhead Shark, Sailfish, Manta Ray, Minke Whale, Spotted Eagle Ray, Black Marlin, Australian Sea Lion,  Australian Fur Seal,  Bull Shark, Black Kingfish, Queensland Groper, Great White Shark,  Slender Sucker-fish, Tiger Shark, Bigeye Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Spotted Mackerel,  Great Barracuda, Mahi-Mahi, Yellowtail Kingfish, White-tip Shark, Dugong, Bluespotted Coral Trout, Green Turtle, Australian Salmon,  Barcheek Coral Trout, John Dory, Red Emperor, Common Coral Trout, Golden Trevally,  Striped Barracuda, Swallowtail Dart, Queenfish,  Snapper, Grass Emperor, Redthroat Emperor, Mangrove Jack, Tailor, Mulloway,  Barramundi, Tripletail,  King George Whiting, Sea Mullet, Yellowfin Bream, Luderick, Spangled Emperor, Sand Flathead, Barred Javelinfish, Sand Whiting, Garfish, Coral Cod, Tarwhine, Teraglin, Stripey Seaperch, Saddletail Seaperch, Pearl Perch, Barramundi Cod, Grunter Bream, Longfin Rockcod, Hussar, Moses Perch, Blue Threadfin, Leatherjacket, Blue Parrotfish, Venus Tuskfish, Humphead Maori Wrasse, Napoleon Maori Wrasse, Estuary Rockcod, Rosy Snapper, Unicornfish,  Moon Wrasse, Bridled Triggerfish,  Dwarf Lionfish,  Shovel Nosed Ray, Scribbled Angelfish, Beaked Coralfish, Scarlet-breasted Maori Wrasse, Sailfinned Tang, Lagoon Ray, Bicolored Angelfish, Vagabond Butterfly-fish, Six-banded Angel-fish, Saddle Butterfly-fish, Short-finned Batfish, Sickle-fish, Red Fire-fish,  Harlequin Tuskfish, Big Spotted Triggerfish, Long-nosed Butterflyfish, Lined Butterfly-fish, Painted Flute-mouth, Red and Black Anemone-fish, Chrevon Butterfly-fish, Long-finned Batfish, Black-tip Reef Shark, Blue-banded Angelfish, Zebra Shark, Red-lined Trigger-fish, Zebra Surgeonfish, Stars & Stripes Toadfish, Feather-fin Bannerfish, Banded Wobbegong, Fox-face Rabbit-fish, Potato Rockcod, Emperor Angelfish, Blue-lined Surgeon-fish, Shark Ray, Golden-striped Butterfly-fish, Bi-color Clown Fish, Moorish Idol, Beaked Leatherjacket, Two-banded Anemone-fish, Bluespotted Stingray, Saltwater Crocodile

Size 61x88cm

Available in 4 variants

  • Premium 170gsm paper supplied with plastic sleeve
  • LAMINATED both sides with premium grade 80 um plastic film to ensure product has long life, permanently WATERPROOF and resilient to damage. Camtas Marine chart side has non- reflective matte finish laminate specially formulated in manufacture of surface to allow navigators the benefit of being able to DRAW ON THE SURFACE WITH PENCIL OR INK. Pencil and most inks easily removed with eraser, permanent ink with mentholated spirit. Supplied with plastic sleeve
  • Premium 170gsm paper folded into A4 size plastic wallet
  • DECAL-STICKER premium vinyl, map side only, UV stabilized quality inks - can be expected to last for years