NSW Boating, Fishing, Marine Safety Chart - PORT JACKSON, SYDNEY HARBOUR + BONUS / MC400
NSW Boating, Fishing, Marine Safety Chart - PORT JACKSON, SYDNEY HARBOUR + BONUS / MC400
NSW Boating, Fishing, Marine Safety Chart - PORT JACKSON, SYDNEY HARBOUR + BONUS / MC400

NSW Boating, Fishing, Marine Safety Chart - PORT JACKSON, SYDNEY HARBOUR + BONUS / MC400

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BONUS WALL CHART - Fishers Guide to fish species of New South Wales reverse side

Size 61 x 88 cm


  • Water contours are shades of blue becoming progressively darker as depth increases
  • Land contours become progressively darker as height increases
  • Natural features, reefs, mangroves, sand types, mud, salt pans and others features are visually realistically depicted
  • Grid reference system simplifies identifying positions for boating, fishing and rescue services
  • Marine Emergency Search and Rescue contact details for Police and Volunteer Rescue Services phone numbers including radio frequencies monitored are easily located on the chart
  • Navigation symbols are clearly explained on the chart without the need for supplementary handbook
  • Known information such as names, heights, depths, seabed, GPS marks, obstructions and navigational tracks included
  • Satellite positions derived from the WGS1984 datum  can be plotted directly onto this chart
  • No fishing Zones, officially declared Smooth, Partially smooth, Open waters zones clearly indicated
  • Lesser known information such as local knowledge of fishing and diving locations, local common names and information from latest satellite images are included at time of publication
  • An affordable chart and perfect gift or reference guide both at home or on holidays 

 Camtas Background 

Camtas management has a wealth of practical knowledge, spanning over 65 years of combined personal experiences, naval, yachting, amateur and professional fishing, deep sea and reef scuba diving, underwater photography, ichthyology, marine aquariums, marine rescue and cartography. 

Camtas Marine Safety Chart was first published in year 1973 for a local Marine Search & Rescue Group who sought help to create a user friendly grid type search and rescue chart for their local area. New publications have followed due its instant success and numerous requests from similar groups and public.  

Places of interest:

PORT JACKSON, Sydney Harbour, Parramatta River, Marine Rescue NSW, Marine Rescue Port Jackson,  Marine Rescue Middle Harbour, SOUTH PACIFIC OCEAN, TASMAN SEA, KILLARNEY HEIGHTS, Echo Point, Roseville Bridge Marina, Killarney Point,  ROSEVILLE CHASE, CASTLE COVE, Bantry Bay, MANLY VALE, HARBORD, QUEENSCLIFF, Wakehurst, Yeoland Point, North Steyne Beach, Manly Lagoon, Curl Curl Head, Freshwater Beach, Queenscliff Bay, Queenscliff Beach, Manly Rock,  SPIT BRIDGE,  SPIT BRIDGE OPENING TIMES, Sugarloaf Point, Pickering Point, MIDDLE COVE, Castle Cove, Sugarloaf Bay, Crag Cove, CASTLECRAG, Powder Hulk Bay, FAIRLIGHT, Manly Beach, MANLY,  Ocean World, The Manly Boatshed,  Davis Marina,  Manly Wharf,  Wellings Reserve, Manly Cove, BALGOWLAH, Ferry Jetties, Dobroyd Head, Ramps, Forty Baskets Beach, BALGOWLAH HEIGHTS,  Manly Yacht Clubs, NORTH HARBOUR, Bluefish Point,   Small craft anchorage in southerly winds, Cabbage Tree Bay, Fairy Bower, Shelly Beach, Little Manly Cove, Aquatic Reserve (no take zone), Collins Beach,  Reef Beach, SYDNEY HARBOUR NATIONAL PARK, Little Manly Point, Manly Point, North Harbour Aquatic Reserve, Gowlland Bombora, Quarantine  Beach, Store Beach, Spring Cove, THE SOUND, Cannae Point, Northbridge Marina, Sailors Bay, Olive Park, Seaforth Bluff, SEAFORTH,THE SPIT, CLONTARF, Fisher Bay, NORTHBRIDGE, MIDDLE HARBOUR, Long Bay, Fig Tree Point, M.H.Y.C, Clontarf Marina, Clontarf Point, Pearl Bay, The Bar,  d’Albora Marinas, Mowbray Point, Castlecrag Boatshed,  Sailors Bay Boatshed, BEAUTY POINT, Quakers Hat, Salt Pan Cove, Historic wreck, Parriwi Head, Chainman’s Beach, Wy-ar-gine Point, Quakers Bay, Public Jetty, CAMMERAY, Willoughby Bay, Quarantine Head, Folly Point, Cammeray Marina, Edwards Beach, Hunters Bay, BALMORAL, SPIT JUNCTION, CROWS NEST, MOSMAN, Grotto Point, Rocky Point, The Old Mans Hat, Balmoral Beach, H.M.A.S. Penguin, Middle Head, Naval Waters, North Head,  Historic Wreck, NORTH SYDNEY, CREMORNE, CLIFTON GARDENS, Mosman Bay Marina, Obelisk Bay, WOLLSTONECRAFT, Neutral Bay Marina, South Head, South Reef, GEORGES HEIGHTS, NEUTRAL BAY, SYDNEY HARBOUR NATIONAL PARK, Lainge Point, Lady Bay, Gap Bluff, The Gap, Camp Cove, Taylors Bay, Chowder Head, Georges Head, Sow & Pigs, Chowder Bay, H.M.A.S. Watson, Watsons Bay, Hornby, Macquarie, Nielsen Park, VaucluseBay, Deviation Cut, VAUCLUSE, Village Point, Dunbar Head, Bottle & Glass Point, Shark Bay, Bottle & Glass Rocks, Mosman Bay, Curraghbeena Point, Taronga Zoological Park, Little Sirius Cove, Ashton Park, Whiting Beach, H.M.A.S Platypus, Shell Cove, Neutral Bay, Athol Bay, Kurraba Point, Anchoring Prohibited Area, Woollahra Point, POINT PIPER, Milk Beach, Felix Bay, Shark Island, Steele Point, DOVER HEIGHTS, East Australian Coast Current, Hermit Bay, Diamond Bay, Hermit Point, Royal Motor Yacht Club, Seaplane Landing  Area, Aircraft Moorings, Bradleys Head, H.M.A.S Kuttabul, Robertson’s Point, Garden Island, Captain Cook Dock, Clarke Island, POTTS POINT, Woolloomooloo Bay, Wollstonecraft Bay, WAVERTON, Manna Point, H.M.A.S Waterhen, Balls Head Bay, Berry Island, Small Craft Anchorage, Gore Cove, Careening Cove, Barry’s Bay, Wudyong Point, Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, McMahons Point, Onions Point, Milsons Point, KIRRIBILLI, Lavender Bay, Milsons Point, Kirribilli Point, Blues Point, Millers Point, Dawes Point, Darling Harbour, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Fort Denison, Walsh Bay, Bennelong Point, Government House, Goat Island, PORT OPERATIONS CENTRE, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Cove, Farm Cove, Yarranabbe Park, Royal Botanic Gardens, Mrs Macquarie Point, Circular Quay, WOOLLOOMOOLOO, Seven Shillings Beach, Elizabeth Bay, Redleaf Pool, DARLING POINT, ROSE BAY, Rushcutters Bay, Fuel, KINGS CROSS, Elizabeth Point, Rose Bay Marina, Cruising Yacht Club, Double Bay, Double Bay Marina, ABBOTSFORD, MORTLAKE, Looking Glass Bay, Bedlam Point, Looking Glass Point, Glades Bay, Kissing Point Bay, Naval Craft Refit Facility, Raven Point, TENNYSON, RYDE, Uhrs Point, MEADOWBANK, Ryde Road Bridge, Wentworth Point, Ermington Bay, Rhodes Point, RHODES, Abbotsford Bay, Morrisons Bay, CABARITA, France Bay, Exile Bay, Hen  and  Chicken  Bay, Canada Bay, Kings Bay, PARRAMATTA RIVER, Homebush Bay, Archer Point, Haslams Creek, PUTNEY, Fig Tree Bridge, CONCORD WEST, Brays Bay, EAST RYDE, HUNTERS HILL, Rocky Point, LONGUEVILLE, Yaralla Bay, Breakfast Point, BORONIA PARK, Kissing Point, Mortlake Point, Majors Bay, Putney Point, Kendall Bay, Balls Head, Simmons Point, Woodford Bay, Long Nose Point, GREENWICH, NORTHWOOD, RIVERVIEW, Newcombe Point, WOOLWICH, Tambourine Bay, Pulpit Point, Burns Bay, Alexandra Bay, Drummoyne Bay, Looking Glass Bay, Looking Glass Point, Abbotsford Bay, Tarban Creek Bridge, Bedlam Point, ABBOTSFORD, Turban Creek, Gladesville Bridge, Lukes Bay, HENLEY, Hen and Chicken Bay, Blackwall Point, Wallumatta Bay, CHISWICK, Five Dock Point, Five Dock Bay, Wrights Point, Yacht Bay, Linley Point, Huntleys Point, LANE COVE, Naval Mooring Area, Greenwich Point, Fern Bay, Snails Bay, Clarkes Point, Cockatoo Island, White Horse Point, Snapper Island, PARRAMATTA RIVER, RUSSELL LEA, DRUMMOYNE, Half Moon Bay, BIRCHGROVE, Birkenhead Point, Iron Cove, Rozelle Bay, Blackwattle Bay, Rodd Point, Iron Cove Bridge, Spectacle Island, Sommerville Point, BALMAIN, Sisters Bay, LILYFIELD, Robinsons Point, Mort Bay, Cameron Cove, Ballast Point, Peacock Point, GLEBE, ULTIMO, Pyrmont Bridge, Sydney Aquarium, Glebe Point, Rodd Island, ROZELLE, Old Glebe Island Bridge, Anzac Bridge, White  Bay, Sydney Fish Markets, Maritime Museum, Johnstons Bay, PYRMONT, SURRY HILLS, Cahill Expressway, BELLEVUE HILL, PADDINGTON, NORTH BONDI

BONUS Fishers Guide to fish species of New South Wales region identifies 222 beautifully illustrated fresh and salt water species: fish, crustaceans and more.

 Browse over images and learn names, bag limits, legal sizes, habitat and eating qualities and more.

Species include: Estuary Perch, Silver Perch, Atlantic Salmon, Brook Trout, Longfin Eel, Australian Bass, Golden Perch, Brown Trout, Freshwater Catfish, European Carp, Southern Shortfin Eel, Redfin, Macquarie Perch, Rainbow Trout, Murray Cod, Trout Cod, Bullrout, Goldfish, Tench, Diamondfish, Common Silverbiddy, Longfin Pike, Banded Goatfish, Milkfish, Sailfish, Blue Marlin, Pacific Bonefish, Sergeant Baker, Striped Barracuda, Spangled Perch, Purple Rockcod, Amberjack, Striped Marlin, Spotted Stargazer, Stout Longtom, Jack Mackerel, Painted Grinner, Yellowstripe Leatherjacket, Velvet Leatherjacket , Eastern Red Scorpionfish, Mulloway, Samsonfish, Tomato Rockcod, Mirror Dory, Mosaic Leatherjacket, Silver Dory, Black Marlin, Maori Rockcod, Blacktip Rockcod, Chinaman Rockcod, Swordfish, Spearfish, John Dory, Sixspine Leatherjacket, Longtail Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Southern Bluefin Tuna, Albacore, Yellowfin Tuna  , False Fusilier, Blue Morwong, Bass Groper, Doubleline Fusilier, Spangled Emperor, Murray Crayfish, Eastern Freshwater Crayfish, Freshwater Crayfish (Yabby, Trumpeter Whiting, Banded Rockcod, Red Morwong, Blue-eye Trevalla, Sand Whiting, Blue Weed (Grass) Whiting, Bluespotted Flathead, Stout Whiting, King George Whiting, School Whiting, Tiger Flathead, Bartail Flathead, Southern Sand Flathead, Striped Catfish, Longspine Flathead, Yellowfin Bream, Luderick, Black Bream, Snapper, Estuary Cobbler, Australian Bass, Estuary Perch, Tarwhine, Goldspot Pigfish, Crested Morwong, Blue-barred Parrotfish, Grey Morwong (Rubberlip Morwong), Redfish, Stripey Snapper, Moses Snapper, Reef Ocean Perch, Pearl Perch, Tropical Rocklobster, Eastern Rocklobster, Banded Morwong, Black Stingray, Venus Tuskfish, Jackass Morwong, Slipper Lobster, Bastard Trumpeter, Striped Trumpeter, Purple Tuskfish, Southern Rocklobster, Mako Shark, Gemfish, School Shark, Tiger Shark, Blue Shark, Hapuku, Snubnose Dart, Longfin Perch, Bluestriped Snapper, Hussar, Goldband Snapper, Ruby Snapper, Silver Trevally, Tailor, Swallowtail Dart, Blackspot Snapper, Fiveline Snapper, Golden Trevally, Mangrove Jack, Diamond Trevally, Smallspotted Dart, Giant Trevally, Sea Mullet, Sole, Australian Salmon, Hairtail, Rock Blackfish, Spotted Bigeye, Eastern Sea Garfish, Giant Boarfish, Barracouta, Rock Ling, Flame Snapper, Green Jobfish, Red Gurnard, Comb Wrasse, Rosy Snapper, Eastern King Wrasse, Teraglin, Soldier Crab, Cockles, Abalone, Sydney Rock Oyster, Blue Swimmer Crab,  Sea Urchin, Saltwater Nippers, Pipi, Cunjevoi, Commercial Scallop, Balmain Bug, Mud (Black/Mangrove) Crab,  Periwinkle, Squid, Blue Mussels, Cuttlefish, Roundface Batfish, Old Wife, Tallfin Flyingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Spotted Mackerel, Rainbow Runner, Australian Bonito, Frigate Mackerel, Blue Drummer, Elegant Wrasse, School Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Blue Groper (Red, Brown Groper), Crimsonband Wrasse, Ballina Angelfish, Black Cod, Southern Bluefin Tuna, Eastern Blue Devilfish, Goldspotted (Estuary) Rockcod, Green Sawfish, Herbsts Nurse Shark, Wirrah, Red Emperor, Grey Nurse Shark, Comet Grouper, Highfin Grouper, Banded Wobbegong, Queensland Groper, Great White Shark, Brassy Drummer, Silver Drummer, Bluefish, Black Rabbitfish (Happy Moments), Starry Triggerfish, Striped Scat, Australian Sawtail, Stripey, Fourline Striped Grunter, Silver Sweep, Bluespine Unicornfish, Sea Sweep 

Size 61x88cm

Available in 3 variants

  • Premium 170gsm paper supplied with plastic sleeve
  • LAMINATED both sides with premium grade 80 um plastic film to ensure product has long life, permanently WATERPROOF and resilient to damage. Marine chart side has non- reflective matte finish laminate specially formulated in manufacture of surface to allow navigators the benefit of being able to DRAW ON THE SURFACE WITH PENCIL OR INK. Pencil and most inks easily removed with eraser, permanent ink with mentholated spirit. Supplied with plastic sleeve
  • Premium 170gsm paper folded into A4 size plastic wallet