Brooms Head to Cape Byron Chart
NSW Boating, Fishing, Camtas Marine Safety Chart / MC470 - BROOMS HEAD to CAPE BYRON, Ballina, Yamba Offshore
NSW Boating, Fishing, Camtas Marine Safety Chart / MC470 - BROOMS HEAD to CAPE BYRON, Ballina, Yamba Offshore

NSW Boating, Fishing, Camtas Marine Safety Chart / MC470 - BROOMS HEAD to CAPE BYRON, Ballina, Yamba Offshore

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Brooms Head to Cape Byron Marine Chart - Camtas publication MC470

Size 61x88cm 

Includes bonus wall chart “Complete Fisherman's Guide NSW” reverse side 

Camtas Background 

  • Camtas management has a wealth of practical knowledge, spanning over 65 years of combined personal experiences, naval, yachting, amateur and professional fishing, deep sea and reef scuba diving, underwater photography, ichthyology, marine aquariums, marine rescue and cartography. 
  • Camtas Marine Safety Chart was first published in year 1973 for a local Marine Search & Rescue Group who sought help to create a user friendly grid type search and rescue chart for their local area. New publications have followed due its instant success and numerous requests from similar groups and public. 


  • Water contours are shades of blue becoming progressively darker as depth increases
  • Land contours become progressively darker as height increases
  • Natural features, mangroves, sand types, mud, salt pans and others features are visually realistically depicted
  • Grid reference system simplifies identifying positions for boating, fishing and rescue services
  • Marine Emergency Search and Rescue contact details for Police and Volunteer Rescue Services phone numbers including radio frequencies monitored are easily located on the chart
  • Navigation symbols are clearly explained on the chart without the need for supplementary handbook
  • Known information such as names, heights, depths, seabed, GPS marks, obstructions and navigational tracks included
  • No fishing, protected, restricted zones officially declared speed zones clearly indicated
  • Lesser known information such as local knowledge of fishing and diving locations, local common names and information from latest satellite images are included at time of publication
  • BONUS fish species identification poster – New South Wales Region reverse side Identifies clearly illustrated fresh and salt water species fish, crustaceans.
    Browse over images and learn names, bag limits, legal sizes, habitat and eating qualities and more
  • An affordable boating chart and perfect gift or reference guide both at home and on holidays.

Places of interest from Brooms Head to Cape Byron:

BYRON BAY Julian Rocks Cape Byron Tallow Beach  Cocked Hat Rock  Broken Head Jews Point Snapper Rock Seven Mile Beach  Lake Ainsworth Rocky Point Skennars Head BANGALOW SUFFOLK PARK KONORIGAN RANGE Marine Rescue NSW  Marine Rescue Iluka/Yamba  Marine Rescue Evans Head Marine Rescue Ballina Marine Rescue Cape Byron BROKEN HEAD Rocky Lake BEXHILL LISMORE TINTENBAR LENNOX HEAD North Creek ALSTONVILLE Emigrant Cr Whites Head Sand Point Black Head Ballina Head BALLINA SOUTH BALLINA South Head South Ballina Beach Beswicks Beach Robins Beach Patches Beach North Riordon Shoal BLACKWALL RANGE Richmond River WARDELL Pimlico Island Goat Island BROADWATER Riley’s Dock Pelican Is SWAN BAY WOODBURN Sandy Beach South Riordon Shoal Broadwater Beach Evans Head Beach Goanna Headland Evans River EVANS HEAD North Evans Reef  South Evans Reef            CORAL SEA SOUTH EVANS HEAD Olive Gap NEW ITALY Freshwater River Woody Head Iluka Bluff Oyster Channel Palmers Channel Wooloweyah Lagoon Clarence Head Clarence River Chatsworth Island WOOMBAH WOODY HEAD Goodwood Island Palmers Island Freeburn Is Harwood Island ILUKA Iluka Boat Harbour North Spit HARWOOD Dart Is Hickey Is Yamba Boat Harbour Palmers Island Micaldo Island YAMBA MACLEAN Clarence Peak Mt Tucabia Yamba Point Barri Point White Patch Angourie Point Woody Bluff Freeburn Rock Shelley Beach Head Buchanans Head The Red Cliff Buchanas Rock Brooms Head

Bonus wall chart “Complete Fisherman’s Guide NSW” 222 species reverse side

Species include: Estuary Perch Macquaria colonorum, Silver Perch Bidyonus bidyanus, Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar, Brook Trout Salvelinus fontinalis, Longfin Eel Anguilla reinhardtii, Australian Bass Macquaria novemaculeata, Golden Perch Macquaria ambigua, Brown Trout Salmo trutta, Freshwater Catfish Tandanus tandanus, European Carp Cyprinus carpio, Southern Shortfin Eel Anguilla australis, Redfin Perca fluviatilis, Macquarie Perch Macquaria australasica, Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss, Murray Cod Maccullochella peelii, Trout Cod Maccullochella macquariensis, Bullrout Notesthes robusta, Goldfish Carassius auratus, Tench Tinca tinca, Diamondfish Monodoctylus argenteus, Common Silverbiddy Gerres subfasciatus, Longfin Pike Dinolestes lewini, Banded Goatfish Parupeneus multifasciatus, Milkfish Chanos chanos, Sailfish Istiophorus platypterus, Blue Marlin Makaira nigricans, Pacific Bonefish Albula forsteri, Sergeant Baker Hime purpurissatus, Striped Barracuda Sphyraena obtusata, Spangled Perch Leiopotherapon unicolor, Purple Rockcod Epinephelus cyanopodus, Amberjack Seriola dumerili, Striped Marlin Istiophorus platypterus, Spotted Stargazer Ichthyscopus sannio, Stout Longtom Tylosurus gavialoides, Jack Mackerel Trachurus declivis, Painted Grinner Trachinocephalus myops, Yellowstripe Leatherjacket Meuschenia flavolineata, Velvet Leatherjacket Meuschenia scaber, Eastern Red Scorpionfish Scorpaena cardinalis, Mulloway Argyrosomus hololepidotus, Samsonfish Seriola hippos, Tomato Rockcod Calphalopholis sonnerati, Mirror Dory Zenopsis nebulosus, Mosaic Leatherjacket Eubalichthys mosaicus, Silver Dory Cyttus australis, Black Marlin Makaira indica, Maori Rockcod Epinephelus undulatostriatus, Blacktip Rockcod Epinephelus fasciatus, Chinaman Rockcod Epinephelus rivulatus, Swordfish Xiphias gladius, Spearfish Tetrapterus angustirostris, John Dory Zeus Faber, Sixspine Leatherjacket Meuschenia freycineti, Longtail Tuna Thunnus tonggol, Bigeye Tuna Thunnus obesus, Southern Bluefin Tuna Thunnus maccoyii, Albacore Thunnus alalunga, Yellowfin Tuna  Thunnus albacares, False Fusilier Paracaesio xanthura, Blue Morwong Nemadactylus valenciennesi, Bass Groper Polyprion americanus, Doubleline Fusilier Pterocaesio diagramma, Spangled Emperor Lethrinus nebulosus, Murray Crayfish Euastacus amatus, Eastern Freshwater Crayfish Euastacus diversus, Freshwater Crayfish (Yabby) Cherax destructor, Trumpeter Whiting Sillago maculate, Banded Rockcod Epinephelus ergastularius, Red Morwong Cheilodactylus fuscus, Blue-eye Trevalla Hyperoglyphe Antarctica, Sand Whiting Sillago ciliate, Blue Weed (Grass) Whiting, Bluespotted Flathead Platycephalus arenarius, Stout Whiting Sillago robusta, King George Whiting Sillaginoides punctate, School Whiting Sillago flindersi, Tiger Flathead Neoplatycephalus richardsoni, Bartail Flathead Platycephalus indicus, Southern Sand Flathead Platycephalus bassensis, Striped Catfish Plotosus lineatus, Longspine Flathead Platycephalus longispinus, Yellowfin Bream Acanthopagrus australis, Luderick Acanthopagrus australis, Girella tricuspidata, Black Bream Acanthopagrus butcheri, Snapper Pagrus auratus, Estuary Cobbler Cnidoglanis macrocephalus, Australian Bass Macquaria novemaculeata, Estuary Perch Macquaria colonorum, Tarwhine Rhabdosargus sarba, Goldspot Pigfish Bodianus perdition, Crested Morwong Cheilodactylus vestitus, Blue-barred Parrotfish Scarus ghobban, Grey Morwong (Rubberlip Morwong) Nemadactylus douglasii, Redfish Centroberyx affinis, Stripey Snapper Lutjanus carponatus, Moses Snapper Lutjanus russelli, Reef Ocean Perch Helicolenus percoides, Pearl Perch Glaucosama scapulare, Tropical Rocklobster Panulirus ornatus, Eastern Rocklobster Jasus verreauxi, Banded Morwong Cheilodactylus spectabilis, Chironemus marmoratus, Black Stingray Dasyatis thetidis, Venus Tuskfish Choerodon venustus, Jackass Morwong Nemadactylus macropterus, Slipper Lobster Scllarides haanii, Bastard Trumpeter Latridopsis fosteri, Striped Trumpeter Latris lineata, Purple Tuskfish Choerodon cephalotes, Southern Rocklobster Jasus edwardsii, Mako Shark Isurus oxyrinchus, Gemfish Rexea solandri, School Shark Galeorhinus galeus, Tiger Shark Galeocerdo cuvier, Blue Shark Prionace glauca, Hapuku Polyprion oxygeneios, Snubnose Dart Trachinotus blochii, Longfin Perch Caprodon longimanus, Bluestriped Snapper Lutjanus kasmira, Hussar Lutjanus adetti, Goldband Snapper Pristipomoides multidens, Ruby Snapper Etelis carbunculus, Silver Trevally Pseudocaranx dentex, Tailor Pomatomus saltatrix, Swallowtail Dart Trachinotus coppingeri, Blackspot Snapper Latjanus fulviflamma, Fiveline Snapper Lutjanus quinquelineatus, Golden Trevally Gnathanodon speciosus, Mangrove Jack Lutjanus argentimaculatus, Diamond Trevally Alectis indicus, Smallspotted Dart Trachinotus baillonii, Giant Trevally Caranax ignobilis, Sea Mullet Mugil cephalus, Sole Brachirus nigra, Australian Salmon Arripis trutta, Hairtail Trichiurus lepturus, Rock Blackfish Girella elevator, Spotted Bigeye Priacanthus macracanthus, Eastern Sea Garfish Hyporhamphus australis, Giant Boarfish Paristiopterus labiosus, Barracouta Thyrsites atun, Rock Ling Genypterus tigerinus, Flame Snapper Etelis coruscans, Green Jobfish Aprion virescens, Red Gurnard Chelidonichthys kumu, Comb Wrasse Coris picta, Rosy Snapper Pristipomoides filamentosus, Eastern King Wrasse Coris sandegeri, Teraglin Atractoscion aequidens, Soldier Crab Mictyris longicarpus, Cockles Anadara & Katelysia species, Abalone Haliotis rubra, Sydney Rock Oyster Saccostrea glomerata, Blue Swimmer Crab Portunus pelagicus,  Sea Urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma, Saltwater Nippers Callianassa australiensis, Pipi Donax deltoids, Cunjevoi Pyura stolonifera, Commercial Scallop Pecten fumatus, Balmain Bug Ibacus peronei, Mud (Black/Mangrove) Crab Scylla serrate,  Periwinkle Turbo undulates, Squid Nototodarus gouldi, Blue Mussels Mytilus edulis, Cuttlefish Sepia rexRoundface Batfish Platax teira, Old Wife Enoplosus armatus, Tallfin Flyingfish Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus, Spanish Mackerel Scomberomorus commerson, Spotted Mackerel Scomberomorus munroi, Rainbow Runner Elagatis bipinnulata, Australian Bonito Sarda australis, Frigate Mackerel Auxis thazard, Blue Drummer Girella

Available in 4 variants

  • Premium 170gsm paper supplied with plastic sleeve
  • LAMINATED both sides with premium grade 80 um plastic film to ensure product has long life, permanently WATERPROOF and resilient to damage. Marine chart side has non- reflective matte finish laminate specially formulated in manufacture of surface to allow navigators the benefit of being able to DRAW ON THE SURFACE WITH PENCIL OR INK. Pencil and most inks easily removed with eraser, permanent ink with mentholated spirit. Supplied with plastic sleeve
  • Premium 170gsm paper folded into A4 size plastic wallet
  • DECAL-STICKER premium vinyl, map side only, UV stabilized quality inks - can be expected to last for years