QLD Boating, Fishing, Camtas Marine Safety Guide - LAKE AWOONGA / BG628L
QLD Boating, Fishing, Camtas Marine Safety Guide - LAKE AWOONGA / BG628L

QLD Boating, Fishing, Camtas Marine Safety Guide - LAKE AWOONGA / BG628L

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Queensland Boating, Fishing, Search and Rescue Guide - resilient laminated waterproof chart - wrist lanyard - Size 22 x 31 cm - CAMTAS


  • Water contours are shades of blue becoming progressively darker as depth increases, ORIGINAL RIVER BED IS CLEARLY INDICATED
  • Land contours become progressively darker as height increases
  • Natural features sand types, mud, salt pans and other features are visually realistically depicted
  • Grid reference system, latitude and longitude simplifies identifying positions for boating, fishing and rescue services
  • Navigation marks and symbols are clearly indicated on the chart
  • Known information such as names, heights, depths, obstructions and distances from boat ramp
  • Lesser known information such as local knowledge of fishing locations, local common names and information from latest satellite images are included at time of publication

Camtas Background 

Camtas management has a wealth of practical knowledge, spanning over 65 years of combined personal experiences, naval, yachting, amateur and professional fishing, deep sea and reef scuba diving, underwater photography, ichthyology, marine aquariums, marine rescue and cartography. 

Camtas Marine Safety Chart was first published in year 1973 for a local Marine Search & Rescue Group who sought help to create a user friendly grid type search and rescue chart for their local area. New publications have followed due its instant success and numerous requests from similar groups and public. 

Contains easily identified places of interest:

Awoonga Dam Wall, Boat ramp, Caravan Park, Lookout, Recreation area, Pete’s Beach, Catfish Cove, Riverston Creek, O’Connell State Forest, Restricted access, Rocky Point, Rocky Cove, New Zealand Gully, Cormorant Bay, Gold Mine  Point, Cliff Mood Bay, Pig Ck, Inveragh Creek, Tortoise Bay, Kens Bay, Kite Pt, Gary’s Cove, Osprey Is, Tom’s Ck, Castletower Ck, Middle Ck, Grevillea Ck, Causeway, Dingo  Is, Eaglesnest Bay, Brolga  Is, Rabbit Point, Andrews Bay, Wedgetail  Is, The Bluff, Castletower National Park, Boyne River, Iffley Ck, Platypus Cove, Boat access, Causeway, Glengarry Gully